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St Teresa’s RC
Primary School.

“We have had people ring up and comment on its design and our parents and children love the video and photographs.”

What challenges were you looking to address?

We needed a new website because our previous one was outdated and old-fashioned – I had inherited it when I became Headteacher and wasn’t able to change it for five years.

I wanted something that reflected our new values and one that celebrated all the good things about our school. I wanted it to be modern and attractive and I wanted it to be easy for parents to navigate. I also wanted it to be linked to an app so that it could be used on mobile phones and tablet devices.

Why did you choose Parentapps?

I wanted to be able to contact parents instantly when we made changes to important documents or needed to send letters. I also needed it to be easy to manage, change and keep on top of as that would be my responsibility. Parentapps gave us that flexibility.

What impact has


had on your school?

It has been a huge benefit to our school because it does exactly what is needed and we are really happy with the way it looks. It reflects our school well and it is a little bit different to other school websites.

The links to the app have been invaluable during lockdown. We have sent weekly updates, uploaded all the home learning and uploaded information and guidance. We have had people ring up and comment on its design and our parents and children love the video and photographs

Why did you change to a Parentapps website?

A web-designer came and listened to what we were thinking of for our school website. He was very patient. He gave us links to lots of other school sites and he listened to what we liked and didn’t.

He was very patient because we wanted it to be quite bespoke to specific colours and we wanted to use art work related to our school. He was always contactable and happy to listen to feedback. After his initial draft design he was happy to make lots of changes and investigated ways we could overlay pictures and he set up the pages as we requested.

He looked at our previous website and identified where the heavier traffic was so we could have an effective landing page. Parentapps also arranged for the video to be made of the school and the photography. This was used throughout and easy to change if needed. The website was checked for compliance prior to it being live, which also took the stress away from our staff.

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It really has changed the way we communicate with our community. It’s streamlined processes, it has enabled staff to really quickly send out messages, communicate and reach a wider audience.

Brian Gamble

Acklam Whin Primary School

It’s honestly the best thing we’ve done. It’s efficient, it saves such a lot of time and it’s one central place again which for me is the most important thing.

Sharon Spencer

ICS Madrid International

Printing out 400 letters and distributing them around the school was time-consuming. With the app, you know the messages you send out will be seen by parents.

Lisa Johnson

River View Primary School
We have had people ring up and comment on its design and our parents and children love the video and photographs.

Sandra Burgess

St Teresa's RC Primary School

It’s massively reduced costs through paper letters but also having term dates and links to the website, makes the information far more accessible and that’s reduced the number of things parents call in for.

Sophie Lewis-Newton

St John Bosco Arts College

It’s immediate. We can hit many many parents, really quickly. It’s just revolutionized school. That’s all I can say, it’s just fantastic. I really really love it.

Margaret Standon

Quernmore CofE Primary

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