How to Enhance Your School Fundraising Strategy with Online Donations

by | Nov 1, 2022 | General News

Start using fundraising strategies that reach more of your donors where they spend the most time—online!  

Digital strategies like online donations are an excellent opportunity for your school to increase revenue and expand your community impact with additional funding. In fact, 39% of schools use fundraising budgets to fund financial aid awards.  

Continue reading to learn how to get started (or improve) online donations as part of your overarching school fundraising strategy.   

Get Your School Website Ready for Online Donations 

Donation landing pages might be campaign-specific or set up for general online donations. Ensure that these pages are easily accessible by adding a button to your main navigation menu and in the footer of your website. Also, consider adding links to fundraising pages in your social media bios and school communications. 

Donation forms can be embedded directly on fundraising landing pages. Test the form yourself and make sure they are mobile-friendly—many families and donors prefer the ease of making contributions on their phones.  

Digital payments are now the most common way to pay. Consider digital payment methods beyond just credit cards—think digital wallets or even using a school app that allows in-app payments. Make sure your digital payment processor offers security measures that will put donors at ease.  

Looking for more? Run through these three steps to refresh your school website so it’s easy for donors to find what they’re looking for.  

Fundraising Campaign Ideas 

Holidays or dedicated giving days like Giving Tuesday are a win-win for your school—you can take advantage of the widespread momentum around giving back to engage existing families and donors, and employ strategies to reach a new audience too. The key is to start planning early—here are a few tips: 

  • Research dedicated hashtags that can be used on social media (e.g., #GivingTuesday) or create a campaign-specific hashtag. 
  • Start building excitement a few weeks in advance. Invite students and staff to get involved by providing examples of how they can help, like sharing posts on social media. 
  • Test your online donation system in advance to make sure everything is working properly. 

 School events—whether in-person or virtual—can be an active, fun way to bring your school community (and newcomers) together while raising money! Set up a booth at an event to sell school merchandise, treats (bake sale!), or raffle tickets. With virtual events, the possibilities are endless! Schools have hosted everything from a virtual 5K to a dance competition! 

Here are 50 creative fundraising ideas for schools to inspire your next event or campaign.  

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!   

With online donations, it’s easy to follow up with donors because you already have their contact information in your system.  

Think about creative ways to show your appreciation while also demonstrating the impact their contribution made; a “thank you” video from a group of students, a personal note from your school principal, or a graphic that shares influential stats about the money raised are a few ideas to consider. 

Not only will they appreciate being recognized, but they will also be more likely to remain engaged with your school fundraising efforts if they can see how they are making a difference.   

Put the FUN into Fundraising!  

Raising money for your school can be rewarding and fun! You get to connect with your existing community and introduce new families or donors to what your school is all about—all while supporting your fundraising goals.  

Online donations offer a modern, seamless experience that will help grow your donor base. Parentapps can enhance your school website to reflect your mission as you look to add digital additions like online donations to your fundraising strategy. Get started today.